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Tots Room

The tots room is for the children ages 2 years 2 months - 2 years 8 months. The staff encourage the children to form positive relationships with their peers whilst learning good social skills in a warm and fun filled atmosphere. The tots room is light, bright and covers the whole of the second floor of the main nursery building.

Favourite activities in the Tots room are:

• Sensory house
• total free painting
• role play areas
• using the computer to increase IT skills
• playing in the builders yard
• tending to the nature garden

What the staff have to say about the Tots room

Tots is an exciting environment filled with many different activities tailored to suit each individual child. we encourage the children to become more independent as they begin to potty train. The children are introduced to the use of technology as a learning tool as we prepare them for the Tikes room.

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