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Jigsaw’s Malawi Story

Jigsaw day nursery is in partnership with 3rd World Hope Charity. Our aim in 2010 when we first partnered up was to raise £10,000 to build our own orphanage in Malawi by 2013. The orphanage was successfully built in 2013 with a second orphanage being built by 2015. At present we are twinned with the Tiziwane Orphan Care Centre and since the orphanage was built, we have helped by sending clothes, supplies and presents every Christmas.

The Pre-school children have formed friendships with the children in the orphanage. The children in Malawi are delighted with their new friendships and the children in the nursery are learning about life in a country that is not as fortunate as theirs.

After the completion of the Orphanages we then held many fund raising events to raise money to rebuild the school for the children.

Amazingly, the school we helped to build was completed in the summer of 2016 and has been a fantastic opportunity to the 600 children that attend. The children now have a suitable environment where they can finally receive an education and have the chance to build a better life for themselves.

Shaun, the founder of 3rd World Hope recently wrote to us with an update about our school in Malawi;

"It’s ace to see how far we’ve come from when I came to ask you to get involved in helping develop it! Seeing the physical structure of the school improve is amazing and seeing the improvement in the pass rate because of this, has been the icing on the cake.
In 2012 the pass rate was 0%. Some classes were taught under trees, others in ruined old buildings with no books, pens or teaching equipment. The school was ranked 150th out of 150 schools. It has improved each year since and this year flew past the national average of 60% and is now at 79.4%. A classroom for each class, chalkboards, textbooks, notebooks, pens, desks, uniforms and a library with solar power and laptops. I feel very proud of what we have done. Thank you so much for making this happen! Please pass on the gratitude to all your staff, children and parents that have been fundamental in providing our 600 students with a great opportunity in life."

With the support and help of all our parents, children and friends, we have raised a huge £24,000 up until November 2018 and will continue to raise money to give the 600 children all they need to continue to receive the full education that they so deserve.

3rd World Hope

Our school is complete and the children are already showing great progress with their education.

The children wearing the t-shirt the Jigsaw children designed for them.

 Our shipment arriving in Malawi

Smiling faces of children enjoying dressing up for the first time.

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