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Toddlers Room

 The Toddler room is for children aged between 20 months - 2 years 2 months. Children build friendships from an early age therefore the staff encourage the children to be kind and caring towards each other. The variety of stimulating equipment helps expand language and knowledge of shapes and colours.

Favourite activities in the Toddler Room

•  Free painting and craft activities
•  Outdoor play especially playing on the bikes and with the balls
•  Caring for the nursery’s pets
•  Group time where we learn our colours, practise our makaton signs through songs and rhymes and listen to stories


What the staff have to say about the Toddler Room

“ In Toddlers we ensure every individual child’s needs are met by creating new and exciting things for them to do, using makaton signing, songs and visual aids to encourage communication and understanding of our world.”

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