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Tops Room

This room is for children aged between 3 years 2 months - 5 years. The staff nurture the children’s natural ability to learn, giving opportunities to experience learning through many resources with positive input and interaction from the trained staff.

Favourite activities in the Tops room

•  Craft especially making things for our wall displays
•  Using our computer and wide range of educational software
•  Dressing up and playing in one of our two role play areas
•  Making music outside with the musical instruments, singing number rhymes
•  Dancing in the Sensory House or taking part in a Rhythm Time session
•  Learning on the giant Ipad.


What the staff have to say about Tops

“We provide a stimulating and educational experience for all of our children centred around lots of fun and play. We begin preparing them for the transition into school. We encourage the children to begin to write, read, use numbers and basic sums, giving the children the best start and preparation for school.”

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